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With NUTS! have a more historical (if somewhat cinematic, apparently) feel about it, it seems appropriate to consider some potential theatres for scenarios.

Thanks to the TO&E Yahoo group for this data.

My current thoughts are to start small - one combat section per side and see how that plays out. I'll be surprised if NUTS! can handle a full platoon, but some more games will tell. At that size it is basically a couple of Peter Pig packs. Sweet.

UPDATE: I have been struggling to make sense of the Soviet data from TO&E. The numbers haven't been adding up and I haven't been able to find any alternatives. Until now. :)

The Avalanche Press site has some detail on Russian platoons. This data is reinforced by this site.

    German Rifle Company Platoon (1942-43)

1 Squad
2 x 9mm SMG
6 x G98 Rifle

3 Squads
2 x 9mm SMG
1 x 7.92mm LMG
1 x G98 Rifle (Assistant LMG Gunner)
6 x G98 Rifle

Soviet Infantry Company Platoon (1941)
Platoon Leader w/ pistol
1 or 2 Messenger/Sniper w/ rifle

4 Infantry Groups
Group Leader w/ Rifle
6 soldiers w/ Rifles and some SMG (mostly rifle)

LMG Machinegunner w/Pistol
Assistant w/ rifle

Mortar Group (1+3 men)
Group Leader
3 Mortarmen
1 50mm Mortar

Monte Casino
    German Rifle Company Platoon (1944-45)
1 x 7.92mm LMG
1 x G98 Rifle (Assistant LMG Gunner)

3 Rifle Squads
2 x 9mm SMG
1 x 7.92mm LMG
1 x G98 Rifle (Assistant LMG Gunner)
6 x G98 Rifle

British Rifle Company Platoon
Second Lieutenant armed with a revolver
sargeant with a Sten gun
platoon commanders batman with a rifle
platoon commanders orderly with a rifle.

2” mortar group consisting of
lance corporal. Mortar group leader with rifle
mortar No1 with 2” mortar
mortar No2 with rifle

? Rifle sections
Corporal. Section commander with a Sten gun
Rifle group of six men armed with rifles.
Bren group of three men
Lance corporal, Bren group leader with rifle
Bren No1 with Bren gun
Bren No2 with rifle

US Rifle Company Platoon (1944-45)

3 Rifle Squads
10 x M1 Rifle
1 x BAR
1 x 1903 Springfield Rifle or M1 Garand
9 x M1 Rifle
1 x BAR
1 x .45 cal SMG or .30 cal Carbine

TODO: Normandy

Pacific Theater

    Japanese Infantry Platoon

3 Squads
1 x 6.5mm LMG
12 x 6.5mm Rifle

Weapons Squad
3 x 50mm light mortars
13 x 6.5mm Rifle

Australian Infantry Platoon (Tropical 1944)
(based on Australian War Memorial data)
Platoon Commander - Lieutenant
1x 2" Mortar, 2x Mortar numbers
3x Rifles

3 Rifle Sections
10 Other ranks
1x Bren LMG
2x Owen/Austin SMG
1x sniper rifle

Tobruck or Bardia?

    Australian Infantry Platoon [4 Officers, 62 Enlisted each]
Platoon Headquarters [1 Officer, 8 Enlisted]
1 x Bren LMG
1 x 2" Light Mortar

3 Sections [1 Officer, 18 Enlisted each]
Section Headquarters [1 Officer, 2 Enlisted]
Rifle Squad [16 Enlisted]

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