Sunday, 2 November 2008

WW2 15mm

The list of miniature manufacturers is getting a bit out hand. With the recent purchase of NUTS! it seems time to focus on a specific area - WW2 this time.

Here is a list of manufacturers of WW2 15mm in some more detail:

Germany, Finland Italy, Hungary, Romania, United Kingdom, USSR, USA
Infantry and Vehicles.
Clearly oriented towards Flames of War, so packs might be large. Vehicles have always been regarded as expensive. Happy with the Soviet Red Guard army I have for these rules.
Not sure where to get them from now that Napoleons has closed down... MilSims or Mind Games? Tin Soldier even - what happened to the Brisbane retailers...

Australians, Chinese, Italians, Japanese, US Marines
Really nice looking figures.
Typical Eureka - per miniature pricing at 80c ea.

Legions East
Early Russians, Finns, Hungarians and Romanians
Infantry only.
Nice looking figures, specialised range
Available from the US.

Old Glory - Command Decision
British, American, German, Early British, Early German, Russian, Italian, Japanese, French
Infantry and vehicles
Infantry in massive bags of 50 for £9. What an earth do you do with 50 figures in a skirmish game? 10 man packs available from Skytrex in the UK.
UK - postage expensive.

Peter Pig
Germans, British, Americans, French, Russians, Italians, Japanese & Dutch
Infantry and vehicles.
Huge selection of infantry, 8 per pack . Nice looking sculpts.
UK - postage will be expensive.
Available from Micks Metal Models in Australia - no entries in store.

Quality Casting
ANZAC, Britain, France, German, Italy, Japan, Polish, Soviets, USA
Infantry and vehicles.
Extensive selection of vehicles and good lists of infantry. No pictures. Figures seem to be in lots of 24 for US$10.
US availability - postage again

Quick Reaction Force (QRF)
American, British, Bulgarian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Soviet
Vehicles and Infantry.
Vehicles are really strong. Basic selection of infantry. Vehicles about £5 - ouch. Infantry £2 for 8. Vehicles seem to be well regarded.
Available from the UK. Postage is again, the enemy - 30% of order.
Australian agent is Olympian Games (busted website).

Resistant Roosters
Americans, Finnish, Germans, Japanese, Soviets


  1. Skytrex ( provides "re-bagged" Command Decision figures at 10 per bag (as well as the 50 per bag). UK shipping though - 20% min 5GBP

  2. Re: AUS sources
    Peter pig is available from Micks Metal Models ( Site isn't up to scratch, but I've found Mick very easy to deal with and quite prompt.
    Same goes for the QRF dealer (; site's in flux, but very good to deal with.