Sunday, 7 December 2008

Russian Rifle Section

With the arrival of the Peter Pig figures (so many figures so little time :) I have been able to complete the two rifle groups. I also put the finishing touches to the busted T-34 I have.

The figures' bases have been modelled with patchy snow in hollows and under bushes. It is pretty generic sort of basing, so should be good for most scenarios. Plus the presence of some snow supports the wearing of greatcoats - so far only on the LMG gunners.

So here they are together, the first rifle group inspecting a destroyed T-34.

Points for picking the Peter Pig figure in there. But you cannot refer to past posts. :)

Updated to include a larger size image on request...

Saturday, 6 December 2008

T-34 Paint Guide

As part of the NUTS! painting effort I have dragged out a long forgotten objective marker of a destroyed T-34.

Apart from the obvious colour - some inspiration was needed about the finer details... The marker is basically base coated and needs work on weathering in general - tracks specifically.

Some nice pictures of a 1/16 scale (!) captured T-34 showing great detail on the tracks. Came from this post on the Scale Model site, which unfortunately needs a login to view.