Monday, 24 March 2008

Chaos Beckons

The new codex for the Chaos Space Marines has inspired the need to start a new force, something different from my Necrons.

I really like the new background of Chaos warbands, so I decided to work along those lines - a group of warbands, temporarily united under a warleader.

The core of the force will be two squads of CSMs. One prefers plasma guns, and the other melta-guns. An example of the first squad is included below. They are based on the Warriors of Mayhem - and for now are known as "the plasma gunner group". :)

They were supposed to be like the Night Stalkers in the new codex, but I could not figure out how to replicate the look. So instead I just worked with the original purple shade colour and did some highlighting and further shading.

"Plasma gunner" Warband