Saturday, 6 October 2007

Boys in Blue

I got interested lately in the idea of playing some Kill Team in WH40k, particularly the Space Hulk variant.

So partially to do something different and to bring a classic team to Space Hulk, I went and got some Space Marine Terminators. After some decision about colour schemes (as usual), I settled on the Crimson Fists. In GW terms the colours are Regal Blue and Red Gore for the fists. The highlights use the typical GW approach - lighter shades of the same colour. The skull ornaments are Snakebite Leather - Bleached Bone - Skull White.

The force field glow technique is thanks to this guy. I haven't attempted the full light casting effect on the model (which looks awesome) - I just went for the power effect.

They turned out pretty well considering I only spent a week or two on them. I am pleased with the basing - I make up some styrene tiles to look like decking plates. Two of them have hoses running in the floor and there are some with floor grills. All very atmospheric for a squad of spaceship clearing specialists.

Anyway here they are - take a look:

Brother Nilius

Brother Nilius - Power Sword

Brother Pain

Brother Pain - Autocannon

Brother Pain - Power Fist

Brother Flame

Brother Flame - Heavy Flamer

Brother Flame - Power Fist

Brother Primus

Brother Primus - Power Fist

Brother Secundus