Saturday, 20 February 2010

Polemos - Napoleonics

A quick note on Polemos while I think about it. Not really a review, just some thoughts.

First thought. I think the approach of the rule mechanics. So much so that I thinking (somewhat idly) about another period from Baccus. The Seven Year War is looking interesting as is the War of the Spanish Succession.

Second thought. 6mm figures are a lot to paint. I made a mistake in buying sooooo many infantry in one go. Now after painting a large Russian army for Flames of War I though I had my production line techniques sorted, but these little guys really tested it. I am trying to figure out how many I painted but it must be in the order of 800 infantry alone!

To be fair it is more of a colouring-in exercise than truly painting (though there are some 6mm artists out there), but still.

The figures are actually quite cheap. It is just the investment in time.

By the way - 6mm figures on the Polemos 60x30mm bases look fantastic. No doubt. Pictures to come.

Third thought. The rules are really pretty simple. They play well and are, all-in-all, easy to learn. There are ambiguities - as expected - but so far common sense has generally cut through the problem and we have moved on.

I have now played two real games and I am still on the learning curve - and I can feel that curve flattening off already. Really nice work - considering my new found requirements for simple, playable and good games that can be retained between monthly games..

Recommended. Check them out at Baccus miniatures.

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