Sunday, 15 April 2007

Skin tone

The Tyranid patrol has now been given its basic skin tone.

This consisted of two broad drybrushes of GW Scab Red. This was intentionally left coarse to expose some black undercoat on the painted areas and give the idea of texture. This stage was followed by a targetted drybrush of GW Red Gore. This was applied to all the visible surfaces as a highlight and to add depth. The final pass was of GW Blood Red which was applied to top surfaces, where an overhead light would normally fall.

The result has been a good level of skin texture and a lot of the fine detail has been picked out. This was pretty much the effect I was after, so I am pleased.

There is a bit of "over brushing" on all the models as a result of the dry brushing process. These will be cleaned up as I go along.

Next comes the armour plating.

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