Sunday, 7 January 2007

Some assembly required...

The assembly of the combat patrol is coming to end with the last Ravener being assembled.

I've taken the time with the Raveners to pin everything. Possibly a case of overkill, but I have a a number of cases of my Necrons dropping unpinned limbs - particularly my Flayed Ones. Considering that the Ravener models have more bits to catch on things and the model is pretty top heavy, I am taking no chances. Eight pins later and the completed Ravener looks pretty strong. I have also been using a new superglue that has some give in it, reducing the chances of the bond shattering on impact.

The Warriors and the Genestealers got the usual plastic glue treatment. But the rear arms of the Genestealers required supergluing - there simply wasn't enough contact to make the plastic glue join strong enough. The Warrior leading the patrol got Enhanced Senses to target with the gun. I glued on a couple of tiny beads to represent massively enhanced eyeballs. I can see a challenge here making them look like an integrated part of the monster, but still stand out so that people notice them - the whole WYSIWYG thing with GW.

Some "before" shots - one picture of each type in the patrol.

Tyranid Warrior - patrol leader



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